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Why Have a Hearing Test With Us?

With our extensive experience in treating hearing loss, we know that our combination of high quality and personal service makes us stand out from the crowd.

That’s why our FREE hearing assessment is not just a standard hearing test. You will get:

Speech bubbles hear

A friendly consultation to ascertain your hearing needs.

Otoscope hearing

A FREE hearing test using the latest hi-tech testing equipment.

Hearing ear signal

A physical health check of your inner and outer

checklist hearing

The results of your test giving you peace of

Why keep struggling when you don’t need to?
You’ll regret not doing it sooner!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Sylvia Millard Kent

Alwayshear put me in contact with my local audiologist and I can honestly say that they have transformed my life, I can now hear better than I have done in years. I was losing my balance a lot and this was down to my hearing problem, since having my hearing aid fitted my balance is so much better, I can’t thank Alwayshear enough.

Gwen Goodman London

I have had NHS hearing aids for a number of years and I have always struggled to hear. The sound quality of my new hearing aids is far superior and has drastically improved the quality of my life.