Where is the best place to get a hearing test?

By Frankie Goodman 02nd February 2020 Always Hear

Where is the best place to get a hearing test? Our hearing is an amazing part of our bodies and most of us take it for granted until it doesn’t work as well as it once did. In many ways this is a bit like our eyesight where we begin to struggle to read small print in low light. Then the next logical step with your eyes is to make an appointment with an Optometrist (more commonly known as an Optician) and have your eyes tested. Importantly, they will also assure you of the health of your eyes.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn then that the best place to get a hearing test is with a local audiologist. Hearing loss is more common than you may think and similar to deteriorating eyesight, it will be gradual and results first of all in a lack of clarity. Anyone suffering even a slight hearing loss will begin to find understanding speech in noisy situations difficult as the spoken word is complex and requires good hearing to pick it all up. This is not unlike good eyesight which is required to read small or feint text accurately.

You wouldn’t think about speaking to your doctor first about your eyesight so why would you talk to your doctor about your hearing? Doctors are the right people to talk to about medical ailments or conditions that require long term management, but they cannot test your hearing. Fortunately, today there is an audiologist available in every town in the UK. If you or someone close to you has any concerns about your hearing, take advantage of a free hearing test and the advice of an audiologist who can advise you what to do next.

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