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Hearing Test Cambridge
Hearing test Cambridge
It is very common to have your eyes and teeth checked regularly, but what people seem to neglect is their hearing. Studies have found that everyone over 55 years old should have a hearing test at least once a year, or more regularly if you feel your hearing has changed. Our Alwayshear partner offer a free hearing test in Cambridge.  There is no obligation to purchase after you have had your hearing tested, you will be given your results that same day and these are yours to keep.
Hearing aids Cambridge

We are your expert hearing aid provider in Cambridge. Our Always Hear partner in Cambridge offer top of the range hearing aids incorporating the latest technology. Hearing aids are more advanced than ever before. Common concerns about hearing aids include being visible to others, whistling noises in loud environments, regularly needing replacement batteries and constantly needing to turn it up or down. We have hearing aids that alleviate all these concerns. We offer automatic hearing aids that you do not need to turn up or down, they do this automatically for you. We also offer rechargeable hearing aids that you do not need to replace the batteries in. We sell invisible hearing aids that no one will even know that you are wearing, unless you choose to tell them.

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