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Here at Eltham Hearing Centre we believe that in our expert hands, the correct audiological approach has the power to rebuild people’s lives and lifestyles, giving a new found confidence in social environments and varying soundscapes. We offer a free hearing test and a wide range of the very latest digital hearing technology.

The latest in hearing technology

When you have a hearing loss, you need hearing aids to help you pick up all of the information contained in sounds to be able to send it to the brain. The more detailed the information your brain receives, the easier it is to identify and understand what you are hearing.

Our latest hearing aids offer excellent sound quality and preserve sounds in their natural form to make hearing both easy and realistic. The key to excellent sound quality in these tiny but extremely powerful aids is the sound processing chip. This enables modern digital aids to process a huge range of different sounds, sending more information of high quality to your brain. This helps you to understand conversations better, even in noisy environments.

Excellent customer care and support

We are always here to help if you need us. We pride ourselves on our customer service. We care about our customers and want to help people.

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