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Reports have documented that it takes on average 7 years for someone to do something about their hearing loss from first noticing any change. It is also reported that most over 55 year olds will have some form of hearing loss. If you feel that you have noticed a change in your hearing why not contact us for a free hearing test. It is free of charge and there is no obligation to purchase. The test takes approximately 1 hour to complete and is completely painless. You will be given your results on the spot so you can take them away with you that same day.

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So you have a hearing test and the results show that you would benefit from a hearing aid, what’s next? Our fully trained audiologist will take you through all options available to you and advise what they think the best course of action is for you. This would be tailored to you taking into account your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.  The audiologist often can provide a free product demonstration so that you can see what a difference a hearing aid could make to your life. When hearing aids are put on someone for the first time it is a often a magical moment where it is like a light being switched on. You do not have to stay in the dark, get your hearing tested today.

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We are proud that our customers rate us highly for customer service and aftercare. We are are always here to help if you need anything. One of our team are always available if you need any information. We care about our clients and want to help people so that they no longer have to suffer in silence.

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