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Looking for a free hearing test in Kirkcaldy? Then let us know at Always Hear! Always Hear are providers of quality hearing appointments working with reputable audiologists all over the country.  One of our audiologists will give you thorough hearing test to ensure you get the very best impartial advice whilst keeping it free!

Latest advances in hearing aids

Hearing aids have advanced somewhat in recent years.  They are now tiny super computers that go in your ears! That does not mean that you need to understand more about technology or have to fiddle with tuning the hearing aid. This means quite the opposite. Hearing aid companies now are creating hearing aids that do everything for you. They are fully automatic, in a noisy environment with a lot of background noise they will adjust for you.  In the past people have had concerns with the hearing aid being visible but now manufacturers are creating invisible hearing aids that no one will even know you are wearing, unless you want to tell them!

All of our audiologists are qualified and registered with the HCPC meaning that you know you are getting expert advice. Always Hear are a network of over 150 clinics across the UK, meaning there is always someone to help near you.

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