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Missing parts of conversations? Avoid noisy social gatherings? Miss the punchline of jokes? Or turn up the TV loud enough for the neighbours to hear? The best place to start is with a FREE no obligation hearing test. Alwayshear have a local hearing specialist based in Bath who can offer friendly advice and carry out a free hearing test in just 1 hour. Your appointment can take place in our branch or in the comfort of your own home.

Hearing aids have evolved

Hearing aids are no longer large ugly devices that simply amplify sound. New technology allows you to focus on what you want to hear and ignore the rest. Any unwanted background noise can be removed and speech can be enhanced making it audible and understandable. All you will hear is lovely natural sound that’s easy to listen to.

New hearing aid technologies

There are so many hearing aids to choose from which gives you many options to find something that will fit your specific type of hearing loss and also your lifestyle. You can choose from totally invisible, rechargeable, made for iPhone, fully automatic and many others. We can help you compare these latest hearing aids to find your perfect match.

Not all hearing losses are the same

As the levels of someone’s hearing loss differ, so will your audiologist’s treatment of it. With technology advancing all the time, there is a wide variety of hearing aids on offer so we are certain that the correct solution will be found for you.

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