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We understand that hearing is personal and that your hearing is your access to the world and it therefore genuinely affects your quality of life every day. As it is important to you, that makes it important to us.

Alwayshear understand that life does not have subtitles and that you should be able to participate in everyday life without struggling.

Whether you would like a free hearing test Exeter or even have existing hearing aids that you would like checking we can help. If you have background noise or a whistling sound meaning that you often turn down your hearing aid, making it ineffective, we want to help you.

Hearing loss is common as we age

From experience we know that most over 55 year olds have a form of hearing loss, ageing is a major factor in hearing loss. Even if you would just like your hearing tested as you would go in for a regular dentist check up we are here to help.

Our branch in Exmouth is here for when you need help and would not like to suffer any more.

If you feel that you have been left out of too many conversations due to your hearing loss, we can help change that and you no longer need to suffer alone.

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