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A free hearing test by an experienced audiologist can give clarification on the exact frequency ranges you’re missing helping you to hear clearly. All sounds and conversations can all be fully understandable and heard clearly again. Here at Always Hear we have trained, experienced audiologists and as we are not backed by any manufacturer we do not represent any particular hearing aid company or promote specific types of technology. We give you an honest, unbiased evaluation which is easy to understand and then suggest the best hearing improvement technologies from a wide range of possibilities.

Hearing Loss

It takes on average 7 years for someone to decide to do something about their hearing loss from first noticing any change. We do not want anyone to suffer with their hearing longer than they have to.  Our fully qualified audiologists are very professional, yet remaining friendly and approachable.  They really want to help and they do not want you to leave still suffering if they can help you. It may be that you only require wax removal which can be completed by a quick and painless procedure.  If you do require a hearing aid you will be in the best hands, our team are fully trained and up to date with the latest technology meaning that they can advise you in the most informed way possible. They will not talk to you in another language, they will be clear and concise and provide you with facts in an easy to understand way so that you feel completely at ease and well informed.

Excellent customer care and support

We are always available to help if you need us. One of our team are always available. We pride ourselves on our customer service. We care about our customers and want to help people.

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