Hearing aid insurance

By Frankie Goodman 23rd July 2020 Always Hear
hearing aid insurance

Hearing aid insurance

Many people often ask us what happens if they break, damage or lose their hearing aid. Hearing aids are a lifeline for many and to be without this treasured possession must feel very isolating and concerning.

While hearing aids are quite robust devices, they are not indestructible. They can be damaged through impact, exposure to water or even a playful pet! Also, hearing aids are getting smaller and therefore also easier to lose. Insurance can help with the cost of repairing or replacing a hearing aid if it is damaged, lost, fails mechanically or is stolen.

Around two million people in the UK own hearing aids (although a report by Action on Hearing Loss suggests an additional four million people may benefit from using them). So it’s surprising there are so few options for hearing aid users in the UK who want to insure their hearing aids.

Our recommendation for selecting the right hearing aid insurance for you:

-Check whether your hearing aid is under warranty and what this includes. Also check with your audiologist if any form of insurance is included with your purchase.

-Do your research first. We have found that some policies only cover up to £1,000, if your hearing aids cost more than this you will need extra cover to receive a like for like replacement.

-Check your home insurance, do they cover your hearing aids as standard?

-Make sure if you do purchase a policy online that you check the website is genuine and not anyone trying to scam you.

-Make sure you check the policy covers everything you need it to include such as loss, as well as accidental damage for example. Also do check for any excess you may have to pay if you do need to claim.

Good luck and please let us know any feedback with particular insurers as we would love to hear from you.

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