What are digital hearing aids?

Digital hearing aids usually consist of five main components: a microphone, an amplifier, a microchip, a receiver and a battery (possibly rechargeable). Originally hearing aids were amplifiers of sound simply making everything louder. Digital hearing aids are tiny super computers that process sound to make it as true-to-life as possible. They filter background noise to make sound clearer and you need less brain energy to process what you are hearing.

Types of hearing aids

There are several types of hearing aids to choose from to suit your lifestyle and severity of hearing loss. In this page we provide descriptions of each plus their pros and cons to help you determine which is right for you.

As hearing aids all differ in size, appearance and functionality, it is important to choose the right type to suit your individual needs. An audiologist will discuss your options with you following your hearing consultation.

Although this new digital technology is extremely complex using these new hearing aids are super easy to control and many functions such as background noise filtering and connection to theatre systems all happens automatically.

Digital hearing aids

Modern hearing aids can help you hear clearly again, and they’re discreet too.

Digital hearing aids prices

With hearing aid competition growing rapidly, digital hearing aids prices have fallen over the last few years making them affordable for everyone. With prices starting from only £299 hearing aids packages can be personalised to accommodate every need and budget.

With so many digital hearing aids to choose from it is important you find the correct hearing aid to suit your own personal needs. Our comparison service helps you quickly book a hearing test with your local expert audiologist.

How much do hearing aids cost?

The cost of hearing aids differ to meet different needs. At Always Hear, we aim to put you in touch with a hearing professional who can show you a wide range of devices that aim to suit your lifestyle and budget. From traditional styles to more innovative designs that incorporate the latest tech, with in the ear and over the ear styles to fulfill everyone’s needs.

There are a number of hearing aids available which are produced by various manufacturers worldwide.