What does a hearing test entail?

Your hearing aid audiologist will firstly ask you a series of questions which
are designed to give them some background information on your hearing –
general health, medical history, employment and any examples or changes
you’ve noticed in your hearing.

They will then, using an instrument called an otoscope, perform a physical
examination of your outer and inner ear. Here the audiologist is looking
to see that your eardrum is fully intact and that there is no excess wax
present inside your ear.

You will then have a full audiology test whereby, whilst wearing a set of
headphones, you will be asked to indicate which tones you can hear out
of a series played to you at different pitches and volumes. This part of the
test is very often conducted in a soundproof booth.

The results can be plotted there and then and your audiologist will discuss
with you the extent (if any) of your hearing loss.

Otoscope examination hearing

Why have a hearing test?

If you’re struggling with your hearing, a hearing test is a recommended course of action to assess whether you have any underlying hearing conditions that may require treatment.

It may just be that you require peace of mind about the health of your hearing and rule out any medical problems. Whatever your situation, booking a test is quick, free and simple. Home visits are also available.

  • Free
  • No Obligation
  • Painless
  • Takes less than an hour
  • Reduce potential health problems
  • Home visits are available

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Sylvia Millard Kent

Always Hear put me in contact with my local audiologist and I can honestly say that they have transformed my life, I can now hear better than I have done in years. I was losing my balance a lot and this was down to my hearing problem, since having my hearing aid fitted my balance is so much better, I can’t thank Always Hear enough.

Gwen Goodman London

I have had NHS hearing aids for a number of years and I have always struggled to hear. The sound quality of my new hearing aids is far superior and has drastically improved the quality of my life.