How much do hearing aids cost?

By Frankie Goodman 09th October 2019 Always Hear

How much do hearing aids cost? With hearing aid competition growing rapidly, digital hearing aid prices have fallen over the last few years making them affordable for everyone.

However, as with most things the answer to the question, “how much do hearing aids cost?” depends on a few variable factors. If you feel you have a hearing loss then your first step is to get your hearing tested. There are two routes you can take to seek help. You could visit your local GP who will refer you to your local Audiology department, or, seek help from your local private hearing healthcare provider.

A hearing test with the NHS or a Private healthcare provider should be free and whichever route you choose to take, you will be seen by a regulated professional. You can be confident when choosing either route that the professional conducting the hearing test will have the necessary training, qualification and expertise to carry out the hearing test and provide the assistance you require.

What is the best route to take? The main differences between going private and the NHS are choice, waiting times, time for service and cost. NHS waiting times vary across the UK with some people reporting having to wait months before being seen, whereas with private hearing healthcare providers you could be seen and fitted with a hearing instrument on the same day, as many retailers accept walk-in appointments.

how much do hearing aids cost

With the NHS a hearing aid would be provided free of charge, although once again, there will be a waiting time before this gets fitted and the hearing aid will remain the property of the NHS, given to you on loan. Nearly all of the hearing aids available on the NHS are worn behind the ear, which is not most people’s preferred solution because they can quite easily be seen by others, but this varies dependant on where you are in the UK.

One of the main advantages of seeking help through a private hearing healthcare provider is that they offer a broader range of makes and models of hearing aids, including popular in the ear styles that are difficult to see when worn. With hundreds of hearing aids available you can be confident that there is a solution out there to fit your needs, style preference and lifestyle. From in the ear hearing aids, to hearing aids worn on your spectacles, large or small, coloured or not, the selection is vast. Also, in general, you will also be given a free after care service, including fine tuning, programming and annual hearing tests for the life of your aids.

With so many digital hearing aids to choose from it is important you find the correct hearing aid to suit your own personal requirements and with prices starting from only £299 hearing aid packages can be personalised to accommodate every need and budget.

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