In The Ear Hearing Aids Pros and Cons

By Frankie Goodman 27th January 2020 Always Hear
in ear hearing aids pros and cons

When thinking about what type of hearing aid might be most suitable it can be difficult to make your mind up because there are so many choices. On this page we will explore why in the ear hearing aids pros and cons and why they might be more suitable for some people than others. Ultimately your audiologist is the best person to advise you which is best for your ear and your hearing, but the following information should give you something to think about before you make an appointment.

In the pros column for in the ear hearing aids to start with is that they can be made to be really small if you are looking for the most discreet type of hearing aid. The smallest available today can truly be described as ‘invisible’. Another benefit to wearing in the ear hearing aids is that the shell that houses all the components is custom made for the contours of your ear. This means that it fits comfortably allowing you to wear it all day. Finally; their one-piece construction allows easy insertion and removal from your ear.

In the cons column for in the ear hearing aids again starts with size. Whilst a lot of people are looking for a hearing aid that isn’t easily seen, the smaller dimensions may mean that there is less room for technology inside. For example, it will still function really well as a hearing aid, but there may be no facility to stream to wireless devices like smartphones. Also; the smaller the hearing aid, the smaller the battery. This is important in terms of capacity because smaller hearing batteries don’t last as long as larger ones.

In the ear hearing aids have been known to block the ear and cause what is called occlusion. When your ears are blocked this makes for a horrible hearing experience and causes echoing. A perfect way to demonstrate this is putting your fingers in your ears and speaking out loud or trying to listen to the tv. This has put people off in the ear hearing aids but many manufacturers have now solved this problem by adding vents to their hearing aids. 

In the ear hearing aids remain a popular choice with patients for all sorts of reasons and ultimately it is the degree of hearing loss and the size or shape of the ear canal that will decide whether they are right for you. 

So now you have the in the ear hearing aids pros and cons the best way to experience these hearing aids is to book a free hearing consultation and ask for a demo. 

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