Invisible in Canal Digital Hearing Aids (IIC)

By Frankie Goodman 16th December 2019 Always Hear

A custom fit hearing aid to meet the exact needs of your unique ear canal shape, they rest within the ear comfortably.

Invisible in canal digital hearing aids are worn deep in the ear canal. IICs are inserted directly into the ear canal and can be easily removed with a nylon string. These hearing aids are a good choice if you lead a moderately to heavily active lifestyle—or if you do not want your hearing aids to be visible to others. While they are popular among hearing aid wearers, invisible in canal digital hearing aids may not be the best choice for users with more severe or profound hearing loss. This is because, that whilst they can be made from titanium making them light weight and durable, the hearing aids themselves do not provide the same amount of power that other, larger models do.

The invisible hearing aid offers three core elements that resonate with those who wear them – they are custom built to fit your ear making them unobtrusive (you’ll hardly know you’re wearing them), they can house the latest technology and most importantly they’re invisible (so nobody else will know you’re wearing them).

Invisible in canal digital hearing aid

Although these new style hearing aids are incredibly small, do not be fooled by their tiny dimensions. They are just as packed with technology and features as some of their larger more conspicuous counterparts. These include feedback cancellers, noise reduction and speech preservation systems. So, by reducing feedback, this means there will be less buzzing and whistling in your hearing devices. Also conversations can be isolated and made clearer even in background noise.

One of the main complaints from hearing aid wearers is that they find the tiny controls too small and fiddly, but with an invisible aid, as it’s designed to be worn deep inside the ear canal you don’t have to worry about this. It easily adapts to any environment allowing your brain to get used to new sounds by gradually adjusting the hearing aid settings itself. This happens automatically with no need for controls so you can start enjoying life with clearer hearing. You get all the benefits you want in a digital hearing aid without the visual stigma that comes with wearing one.

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