iPhone Compatible Hearing Aids

By Frankie Goodman 11th December 2019 Always Hear

With Bluetooth capability and built-in motion sensors, the iPhone is quickly becoming one of the best smartphones for hearing aid users. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple for users to sync their hearing aids and wirelessly enjoy music, videos, and other media.

Apple has made great strides in making sure their products are all-inclusive and diverse. With these improvements, special settings for hearing aid users have been included in the ‘Accessibility’ settings. These settings make it easy for hearing aid users to sync their aids via Bluetooth, so they can enjoy wireless sound directly from their phones. No headphones, earbuds, or speakers required.

For people that are frequently on-the-move, this feature is invaluable. Wires can be yanked on, pulled free, or damaged during daily activities. Bluetooth hearing aids eliminate the need for wires entirely, so you can enjoy sound directly from your Apple device. The iPhone makes it easy to sync your hearing aids, you can take your music and videos with you, wherever you go. As long as you keep your phone within range, you can enjoy seamless, uninterrupted streaming.

iphone compatible hearing aid

Pairing Your Hearing Aids

To enjoy direct streaming, you need to pair your iPhone with your hearing aids first. This process is fairly simple and painless, and only takes a few moments. Your hearing aids should stay paired as long as they’re on and connected, so you don’t have to worry about staying on one specific screen.

A smartphone hearing aid works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, so make sure that function is turned on in your settings. Once this is done, make sure your hearing aids are charged and turned on. Go into your phone’s settings, and enter the General settings tab. Head into ‘Accessibility’ and scroll down to ‘Hearing Devices’.

From here, you can wirelessly connect your left and right hearing aids. You can also adjust the volume in each ear, making it easy for you to fix discrepancies in your hearing experience.

There are a wide variety of hearing aids on the market now that are iPhone compatible. Most of these are RITE (Receiver in the ear) hearing aids which are worn behind the ear but now with technology advancements even some small invisible hearing aids will be compatible with your phone.

The benefit of hearing aids with this kind of connectivity is the fact that they allow you to adjust and control your hearing experience simply and easily.

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