Local Hearing Test

By Frankie Goodman 15th January 2020 Always Hear

A local hearing test should be part of your annual health check ups from the age of 55. Just as you would visit an optician, doctor and other general health practitioners each year, hearing is often forgotten. You can book a local hearing test with a friendly audiologist in your local branch or in the comfort of your own home. Typically a hearing test only takes one hour and is totally painless and not intrusive it is our aim to make you feel comfortable at all times. A hearing test is free and there is absolutely no obligation to buy or sales pressure. It is important that you are seen by someone local as you will require follow up appointments and aftercare, wax removal or even just want further advice in the future. Maintaining your hearing health is crucial to your well being and if left can cause a number of health issues such as diabetes, depression, blood pressure issues, headaches and could even accelerate the onset of dementia.

What happens in a hearing test

  1. An audiologist will perform your hearing test and will ask some general questions about your usual environment and lifestyle.
  2. Your ears will then be checked for any wax with an otoscope. If you have any wax build up this could alter your results so it is important they are clear. If you have wax this may be able to be removed on the spot, or a follow up appointment might be required.
  3. The audiologist will then ask you for a brief history of your hearing, if you have noticed any problems, have you had any infections or injuries that may have caused any hearing difficulties and any other medical history concerning your hearing.
  4. The audiologist will then want to test your hearing by performing an audiogram. The test will take about 20-30 minutes. You will be played a series of sounds through headphones and be asked to respond in some way that you have heard the sound normally by pressing a button every time no matter how quiet or faint.
  5. You will then be given a prescription like audiogram that displays your current hearing performance at different frequencies.

Find your local audiologist and book your local hearing test with Alwayshear today.