Receiver In The Ear Hearing Aids

By Frankie Goodman 16th December 2019 Always Hear

RITE or Receiver in the ear hearing aids help you to forget you are even wearing a hearing aid, which makes them such an attractive option.

At a glance:

  • The latest digital hearing aid technology
  • Leaves the ear canal open
  • Can be custom fitted to deal with individual’s specific auditory needs

Essentially a two piece detection system, the receiver in the ear hearing aid can be comfortably worn either behind or on top of the ear while a thin, discreet wire connects it to a tiny receiver in the ear canal. The benefit to you is that this hearing aid system can be worn while leaving the ear canal open, making it a very comfortable auditory solution.

There are many advantages of a hearing aid that uses a receiver (or loudspeaker) in the ear. These include:

receiver in the ear hearing aid

1. Advanced Technology

The very latest in digital hearing aid technology, RITE or receiver in the ear hearing aid systems are a discreet, two-piece design that are growing in popularity day by day. They are also known as RIC Hearing Aids (receiver in the canal).

Thanks to huge advances in technology, this style of hearing aid means that even those suffering with severe hearing loss or impairment can enjoy a great deal of sound enhancement. The system can also be fitted to deal with every individual’s specific needs.

2. Comfort

Receiver in the ear hearing aids are by far one of the most comfortable types of digital hearing aid. The system’s receiver is held in place by a soft silicone dome. The dome’s design incorporates a series of tiny holes, which allows your ears to make use of your remaining natural hearing. This is especially beneficial to telephone users.

If you’re considering this style of hearing aid, it might please you to note that many of our clients have reported completely forgetting they are wearing them! This is good news for people who may be self conscious about wearing a hearing aid.

3. Clarity

When the hearing aid receiver is in your ear, it sits closer to the eardrum than any other system, meaning it requires less volume to provide the same level of performance. This not only increases the clarity with which you hear, but also greatly improves the battery life of your device.

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