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By Frankie Goodman 13th July 2020 Always Hear

Signia hearing aids offer state-of-the-art hearing solutions to suit you. If discretion, style, or modernity is important to you, Signia has the perfect hearing solution for you. Signia hearing aids process your individual acoustic environment and how you move through it and they also take your lifestyle into account, so you can enjoy personalised hearing.

Signia Styletto NX7

One hearing aid that Signia offer is the Signia Styletto and Silk which we featured in our best hearing aids of 2020 blog post earlier this year. A great feature of this hearing aid is resolving the issue people wearing hearing aids often have that they can hear their own voice Signia is the only manufacturer to really tackle this problem head on with OVP, or Own Voice Processing. The Styletto actively learns your own voice and processes this differently to everyone else’s. During your initial fitting you literally count to 40 and listen as the hearing aid removes the echoing of your own voice and leaves you with a far more natural listening experience. another great feature of this hearing aid is that users can also choose a special tinnitus therapy mode, which creates a soft tone or ocean wave noises to ease the symptoms of ringing in the ears.

Signia Silk NX7

The Signia Silk Nx7 is the only ready-to-wear invisible hearing aid currently on the market. It’s the type of product that everyone asks for when they first enquire about obtaining hearing aids, therefore it is very popular among clients and audiologists alike! Thanks to its silicone click sleeves there is no need for custom fitting, as the Silk Nx will fit perfectly straight out the box. 

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