Signia Styletto NX7

By Frankie Goodman 13th December 2019 Always Hear

Signia Styletto hearing aid. Signia recently merged with Widex, joining forces in a clever move to bolster both brands.

They made the executive decision to maintain both manufacturers as separate entities, but with the benefits of shared knowledge, research and chip technology. Widex have their more traditional, but impressive range of hearing aids, whereas Signia have unique, popular offerings that fill particular niches very well like the incredibly stylish Styletto hearing aids.

signia styletto behind the ear

One of the biggest complaints people raise when wearing a hearing aid is the unnerving experience of hearing their own voice unnaturally loud in a distracting, off-putting way. Signia is the only manufacturer to really tackle this problem head on with OVP, or Own Voice Processing. The Styletto actively learns your own voice and processes this differently to everyone else’s. During your initial fitting you literally count to 40 and listen as the hearing aid removes the echoing of your own voice and leaves you with a far more natural listening experience.

You can also connect to your phone via bluetooth to make or receive calls seamlessly directly through your hearing aids. Streaming music directly is also a huge benefit, as the hearing aids effectively become a hands-free kit. The easyTek audio app helps you connect to your TV or radio through a wireless accessory, so you can enjoy your choice of entertainment again without having to turn the volume up high.

Users can also choose a special tinnitus therapy mode, which creates a soft tone or ocean wave noises to ease the symptoms of ringing in the ears.

signia styletto rechargeable hearing aid

The overall sound quality of the Styletto is excellent in general, they are crisp yet full sounding. High-frequency sounds are clear and the clarity is superb.

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