Starkey Hearing Aids

By Frankie Goodman 09th July 2020 Always Hear

Starkey hearing aids are known for their innovative design, development and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems. Starkey is a privately held, global hearing technology company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Founded by Bill Austin in 1967. Led today by President Brandon Sawalich, Starkey is the only American-owned provider of hearing technologies.

Starkey hearing aids are premium in quality, they are programmed by an audiologist based on the results of your hearing test. Starkey own a number of brands including Starkey HearCare, Microtech and Audibel.

Starkey hearing aids are customisable and come in a variety of options. With the ability to easily adjust your hearing aids through the Thrive Hearing Control app, they’re a great option for all levels of hearing loss.

The Thrive Hearing Control app gives the user full control over their hearing aids using their smartphone. Like a TV remote, it lets people adjust volume, switch memories and manage other features that hearing aids couldn’t do until now. Screen your hearing for hearing loss right from your smartphone. You can also check the decibel level of any environment you’re in to see if it exceeds safe listening thresholds.

Starkey hearing aids also offer a SoundCheck hearing test whereby your hearing aid connects to your smartphone and your hearing results are tracked over time for you to review and discuss with a hearing professional as required.

Starkey Hearing aids can also assist with tinnitus. They allow you to choose from 12 unique soundscapes to relieve tinnitus.

Hearing aids can last anywhere from three years to seven — for some people, even longer. Variables affecting this lifespan include how well the instrument is built, how well it’s maintained, and how much wear and tear it experiences being worn in your ear for many hours a day.

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