The Best Hearing Aids Released in 2020: Our Pick of The Best Hearing Solutions Available Today

By Frankie Goodman 24th January 2020 Always Hear

Best Hearing Aids 2020 – Hear clearly again using the latest technology

best hearing aids 2020

Best Hearing Aids 2020: Welcome to What Hearing Aids’ guide to the best hearing aids you can buy in 2020

As an audiologist and hearing aid expert, Lee Fletcher from Orchestrate Hearing knows all about the latest hearing aids and how they can help you. He has brought his knowledge and real-world experience across a multitude of products to help make the process of choosing the right solution far easier for everybody.

The fact is many people who suffer from hearing loss are reluctant to attempt to buy a hearing aid because they find the whole process confusing and are not sure where to find truly independent advice and the best prices.

This is unfortunate because there are many professional independent hearing aid dispensers, like Lee, who take great care and pride in providing the latest hearing solutions for your individual needs.

The market is changing and customers are getting younger, buying digital aids for the mildest of hearing problems. Some simply want a tiny corrector that will fit into the ear and not be noticed at all – so it is practically invisible. Some hearing aids work without anything in the ear by using bone conduction through a pair of glasses. What is definite is that people want something to alleviate their hearing loss but is so tiny that it cannot be seen.

So if you can’t decide which hearing aid would be best for you Lee is here to help you with his quick and easy guide to the latest hearing solutions.

For the best understanding, here is some terminology
explained below:


RIC − Receiver In Canal
RITE − Receiver In The Ear
IIC − Invisible In Canal
CIC − Completely In Canal
BTE − Behind The Ear

Where can I try these hearing aids?

The quickest and easiest way to find a provider near you is to use a FREE online service like What Hearing Aids.

Answer some basic questions online and we will put you in contact with a registered hearing professional.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click your location on the map to find where I can try these hearing aids
  2. Answer a few simple questions, we’ll find a provider close to you